BNI Tunas iB Hasanah

BNI Syariah Savings for Children (iB Tunas Hasanah Savings) is a savings account under a Wadiah contract provided to children and students under the age of 17.

Facilities :

  1. Bankbook.
  2. ATM/Debit Card referred to as Tunas Card.
  3. Automatic fund transfer (auto-credit) from iB Hasanah/iB Bisnis Hasanah/Prima Hasanah/iB Hasanah IDR Individual Giro accounts owned by parents/guardians via standing order.
  4. E-Banking (ATM, SMS Banking, Phone Banking (account balance information), Internet Banking (account balance information).

Benefits :

  1. Tunas Card functions as an ATM card on ATM networks (ATM BNI, ATM Bersama, ATM Link, ATM Prima & Cirrus) and as a debit card at merchants who has EDC BNI.
  2. Name of child is stated on the Tunas Card and Bankbook.
  3. Can be used to perform transactions at BNI and BNI Syariah teller counters across Indonesia.
  4. Text notification to the cellular phone of the parent.
  5. Attractive Tunas Card design and can be personalized.

Fees :

  1. Account Management


  1. Account closure by the request of the customer

IDR 25,000.

  1. Conversion to iB Hasanah Savings


  1. Issuance of ATM Card


Requirements and Procedures :

  1. Student Card/Passport/Birth Certificate.
  2. Original Proof of Identification Documents (KTP/Passport) of the Parent/Guardian.
  3. Family Card (Kartu Keluarga, KK) (if living separately from the parent/guardian).
  4. A minimum initial deposit of Rp 100,000,-.


Simulation BNI Tunas iB Hasanah