BNI SimPel iB Hasanah

BNI SimPel iB Hasanah

Savings under a wadiah contract for students under 17 years of age offering easy and simple requirements as well as attractive features to encourage a positive attitude to saving from an early age

Features :

  1. Saving Book.
  2. An ATM / Debit Card called the Simple iB Card..
  3. Can receive funds automatically (autocredit) from the iB Hasanah / iB Savings account for Hasanah / Prima Hasanah Business / iB Hasanah Giro IDR customers / guardians using standing orders.
  4. E-Banking (ATM, SMS Banking, Phone Banking (balance check), Internet Banking (balance check)).

Benefit :

  1. Simple iB Card can be used as an ATM card on various ATM networks (BNI ATM, Bersama ATM, ATM Link, ATM Prima & Cirrus) and as a shopping card (Debit Cards) at merchants who use EDC BNI
  2. The child's name is printed on the Savings book and the Simple iB Card.
  3. Can perform transactions at BNI and BNI Syariah teller counters throughout Indonesia.
  4. SMS notifications are sent to the Parent's cellphone

Fee Administration :

Account Management Free
Account Closing Rp 1.000,-
Conversion Fees to Tabungan iB Hasanah Free
ATM / Debit Card Fee Bebas
Administration ATM Bebas

Requirement and Procedure :

  1. Cooperation between Schools and Banks.
  2. Account opening is done by Parents / Guardians.
  3. Student Card / Passport / Birth Certificate.
  4. Original Identity Card (KTP / Passport) of the Parent / Guardian.
  5. Family Card (if not living at the same home as the Parent / Guardian).
  6. Minimum initial deposit of IDR 1,000.


Simulation BNI SimPel iB Hasanah