BNI Dollar iB Hasanah


Savings managed under wadiah and mudharabah contracts that provide various facilities and features for Individual Customers and Non-Individual Customers in USD.

Benefit :

  1. Can be opened by individuals and non-individuals.
  2. Savings Book..
  3. E-Banking (SMS Banking, Phone Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking).

Fee Administration :

Fee Wadiah Mudharabah
Initial Deposit 50 USD
Minimum Balance 50 USD
Minimum Subsequent Deposit 1 USD
Account Management 0 USD 1 USD
Below The Mininum Balance 0 USD 2 USD
Account Closure 5 USD 5 USD
Change Book Rp. 1.500,-

Requirements and Procedures :

  1. Provide an identity (ID card / passport for Indonesian citizens and a valid KIMS / KITAS for foreign citizens.
  2. Provide an NPWP
  3. A signed and materai stamped copy of the agreed terms for opening an iB Dollar account.
  4. Make an initial deposit..

Open an online account (BNI Dollar iB Hasanah Mudharabah contract) noew : click here.


Simulation BNI Dollar iB Hasanah