BNI Syariah Dealer iB Hasanah

Dealer financing is a cooperation scheme that takes advantage of the potential for collective motor vehicle financing that involves end-users in significant numbers. This scheme requires considerable human resources in distributing, monitoring and settling payments.


For Dealers :

  • Contributes to an increase in motor vehicle sales by distributing bank-financed loans.
  • Provides a useful alternative given the current restrictions on dealers in providing direct financing to end-users.

For End-users :

  • Provides customers with a more affordable means of purchasing motor vehicles through instalments as opposed to lump sum payments.
  • Ensures the availability of guarantors in the event that a recommendation is needed or if end-users experience payment difficulties.

Duration of Cooperation

Cooperation Agreements between BNI Syariah and dealers are valid for a period of 3 years from the contract signing date, and can be extended further.

Dealer Duties

  • To recommend customers that meet the requirements to receive financing from the Bank.
  • To collect the necessary legal documents from customers as required by the Bank and in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • To be responsible for the authenticity of data/documents provided by customers and to be willing to carry out re-verification jointly with BNI Syariah on the aforementioned data.

Dealer Requirements

  • The entity must be a Main Dealer under a Sole Brand Holder Agent (Agen Tunggal Pemegang Merk /ATPM) or an Authorized Dealer holding a Dealer’s Appointment Letter (Surat Penunjukan Dealer) from a Main Dealer/ATPM.
  • Posses complete valid documents of business legality.
  • Has been in operation for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Possess a good track record and is not listed on Bank Indonesia’s Blacklist.
  • To provide a statement letter to the Bank declaring its willingness to submit the original copy of a Certificate of Motor Vehicle Ownership (Bukti Kepemilikan Kendaraan Bermotor/BPKB).