BNI Syariah Linkage Program


Linkage Program iB Hasanah is a financing facility wherein BNI Syariah as fund owner executes financing to shariah financial institutions (Lembaga Keuangan Syariah/LKS (BMT, BPRS, KJKS, etc.) to subsequently be distributed to end-users (micro, small, medium shariah entrepreneurs). Cooperating with shariah financial institutions can be carried out directly or via an Accompanying Institution (Lembaga Pendamping).


For Accompanying Institutions (Lembaga Pendamping):

  • Obtain financing certainty for assisted businesses.
  • Receive Ujrah/fee from shariah financial institutions (LKS).

For Shariah Financial Institutions (Lembaga Keuangan Syariah, LKS)

  • Aids in the empowerment of shariah financial institutions in Indonesia as micro finance institutions.
  • A source of additional funds for shariah financial institutions.
  • Raises BNI Syariah’s trust in shariah financial insititutions.
  • Accelerates the even distribution of shariah funding to micro, small and medium businesses in the context of helping to reduce poverty.

LKS Requirements

  • The institution must have legal entity status, and have been in commercial operation for at least 3 years.
  • To provide annual financial reports from the last 3 years. (In the last annual report, the LKS must have recorded a profit and the financial reports must be audited reports for a credit facility > 5 billion).
  • The management, owner and institution itself must not be listed in Bank Indonesia’s Black List or on the list of non-performing loans.
  • To submit a copy of the company’s NPWP, as well as the management personnel’s NPWP.
  • Copy of KTP (identification document) of management personnel.

Financing Contract

A Mudharabah/Musyarakah contract is used in providing financing to shariah financial institutions, whereas the financing contract between shariah financial institutions and end-users can be adjusted to different needs (Murabahah, Mudharabah, Musyarakah, Ijarah).

Duration of Cooperation Agreements

A Cooperation Agreement between BNI Syariah and a shariah financial institution has a maximum duration of 3 (three) years and is extendable subject to an evaluation.

Profit-sharing/margin fee

Profit-sharing nisbah for shariah financial institutions refers to the prevailing rate at BNI Syariah, whereas the margin rate for end-users is determined by shariah financial institutions but must not exceed 30% p.a.