BNI Syariah Kopkar/Kopeg


Kopkar/Kopeg iB Hasanah is a mudharabah productive financing facility wherein BNI Syariah as fund owner executes financing to worker cooperatives (Koperasi Karyawan (Kopkar)/Koperasi Pegawai (Kopeg)) to subsequently be distributed to their members/end-users.

Requirements for Kopkar/Kopeg

  • The cooperative has been operating commercially for at least 3 years.
  • Complete and valid business legality (Articles of Association and amendments,Validation from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Business License (SIUP) and Company Registration (TDP) according to applicable laws and regulations).
  • Has been a customer of BNI Syariah or other banks for a minimum of 6 months).
  • Good management credibility (with regards to experience, integrity, education, organization structure and succession planning).
  • The management, owner and financial institution (cooperative and company) are not included in Bank Indonesia’s Black List and list of non-performing loans.
  • To provide all of the required documents.

Financing Contract

A mudharabah contract is used in financing worker cooperatives, whereas a murabahah contract is applied for financing from worker cooperatives to end-users.

Duration of Cooperation Agreements

Cooperation Agreements between BNI Syariah and worker cooperatives have a maximum duration of 5 (five) years and are extendable subject to an evaluation.

Profit-sharing/margin and administrative fees

  • Profit-sharing nisbah for worker cooperatives refers to the prevailing rate at BNI Syariah, whereas the margin rate for end-users is determined by the worker cooperative but must not exceed 30% p.a.
  • Small administrative fee, pursuant to existing regulations.