BNI Syariah Ekspor (Export)


Ekspor iB Hasanah is a financing facility in Rupiah or a foreign currency provided for export companies to be used as working capital in the provision of exported goods (prior to shipment/pre-shipment) and/or for use in financing investments in the framework of producing exported goods.


Ekspor iB Hasanah is divided into 2 (two) categories, namely:

  • Ekspor iB Hasanah for pre-shipment financing.
  • Ekspor iB Hasanah for post-shipment financing.

Ekspor iB Hasanah for pre-shipment financing is further divided into 2 (two) types, namely:

  • Murabahah/Musyarakah Ekspor, a financing facility for export activities based on a plan commonly carried out within a one-year period.
  • Ekspor iB Hasanah/Transaksional (Transactional), a financing facility for a specific export transaction (Transactie Financiering).


Murabahah/Musyarakah Export

  • For new export financing customers without prior export experience, a Murabahah/Musyarakah facility for the first year will be granted as a non-export Murabahah/Mudharabah/Musyarakah facility. Consideration for a Murabahah/Musyarakah export facility is granted after subsequent reviews.
  • New customers or new financing customers with more than 1 (one) year of export experience through BNI Syariah are eligible to be directly considered for the Ekspor iB Hasanah financing facility.

Financing for Export Investment

Financing for export investment is available for an exporter if upon the end of its trial run, a minimum of 50% of its production is exported with a further stipulation that during the construction period, investment financing will be treated as non-export financing.

Cost Details

Administrative Fee: small fee in accordance with applicable terms.

Insurance: Loss.

Notary, Stamp Duty, etc: Pursuant to existing terms Pursuant to existing regulations.

* Rates may change without prior notice.