BNI Fleksi Umroh iB Hasanah

iB Flexi Hasanah Umrah (Flexi Umrah)

iB Flexi Hasanah Umrah is a consumer financing facility made available to customers who have purchased Umrah Travel Service Packages through BNI Syariah that have also initiated partnerships with sharia-compliant travel agents.


  • Faster application process with easier requirements as per shariah principles.
  • Makes available umrah financing for parents/in-laws, husband/wife, and children.
  • Maximum loan amount of Rp. 200,000,000.
  • Maximum loan period of 3 - 5 years for BNI or BNI Syariah payroll customers.
  • Not subject to any payment guarantees for BNI Syariah payroll customers.
  • Low down payment.
  • Fixed monthly instalments until loan settlement is reached.
  • Loan instalment payments can be made through the auto-debit facility or at any BNI Syariah and conventional BNI branch office.


Ijarah Multi-services.


  • Indonesian citizen
  • Minimum 21 years old and maximum 60 years old (pension) in which the loan must be settled upon reaching pension age.
  • Have a fixed income and must be able to repay the loan.
  • Completion of required application documents.

Applicable Charges/Fees:

Insurance Fee, Adminstration Fee, Notary Fee, Duty Stamp, etc: In accordance with applicable regulations.


Simulation BNI Fleksi Umroh iB Hasanah