BNI CCF iB Hasanah


CCF iB Hasanah is a loan agreement in the form of cash that is guaranteed through various options including deposits, GIROs, and savings accounts issued by BNI Syariah.


  • Greater convenience for customers with cash reserves in Rupiah or USD to speed up the loan process.
  • Maximum loan of 95% (for Rupiah cash reserves) and 60% (for USD cash reserves) based on the nominal amount of the deposit/savings/GIRO.
  • Loan payments can be made at any BNI Syariah or BNI branch office.
  • Maximum period of 12 months (for Rupiah cash reserves) and 2 months (for USD cash reserves).


  • Murabahah.
  • Ijarah Multi-services.


  • Indonesian citizen.
  • Completion of Cash Loan Collateral Financing iB Hasanah application form.
  • Submit the item used for payment guarantee in the form of a deposit, GIRO, or BNI Syariah savings account.

Adminsitrative fees:

Please contact the nearest branch office.