Vlog Competition BNI Syariah Qanun Aceh

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Hi, Hasanah friends, let's join the Vlog competition to support the BNI Syariah Qanun Aceh program. Don't forget to also invite your friends or family to join this competition.

Mechanism Information:

  1. Follow IG @ BNI. Syariah, FB: PT Bank BNI Syariah, and TW: BNI Syariah.
  2. Make a long version of the video (full version) with a duration of 3 minutes uploaded on Youtube.
  3. Short video version as a 1-minute teaser to be uploaded on each IG / FB / TW.
  4. Include a link to YouTube on the teaser video to see the full version on each Youtube.
  5. Video content:
    • Invite people to apply the sharia lifestyle including sharia transactions with BNI Syariah.
    • Include BNI Syariah branding in the video.
    • At the end of the video include your support for the Aceh Qanun.
  6. Post teaser videos in your feed, friend.
  7. Tag IG / FB / TW BNI Syariah and 5 of your friends invite them to follow.
  8. Include #HasanahFirst and #SupportQanunAceh articles