Umrah Persada with BNI iB Hasanah Card



Let's go to the holy land with BNI Syariah. BNI Syariah is implemented with Persada Indonesia implementing the cooperation program as follows

  1. Program : 0% Installments for 12 Months with transactions using the iB Hasanah Card.
  2. Terms and Conditions :
    1. Promos can be used only by making transactions using BNI iB Hasanah Card.
    2. Installment promos are only valid during the program period.
    3. Call center and direct marketing from Persada Indonesia.
  3. Financing Package :
    Paket A Rp 20.000.000,-.
    Paket B Rp 25.000.000,-.
    Paket C Rp 30.000.000,-.
  4. Program Periode : 13 Agustus 2018 - 12 Agustus 2019.
  5. Card Type : All iB Hasanah Card.
  6. Merchant : PT Persada Indonesia (Travel).