Press Release

BNI Syariah Wins Three GCG Awards and 2018 Operational Excellence Award

Jakarta, 2 November 2018. BNI Syariah has won the award for Operational Excellence, as well as the best implementation of GCG for and SOE subsidiary in the banking sector category and The Best GCG Award IV 2018 at the Indonesia Operational Excellence Awards 2018 (IOEA 2018) in addition to the Indonesia Good Governance Award 2018 (IGCGA IV-2018). This is the third Best GCG Award in row for BNI Syariah since 2016. These three awards were received by BNI Syariah Corporate Secretary, Rima Dwi Permatasari in Jakarta (2/11).

The Indonesia Good Corporate Governance Awards 2018 (IGCGA IV-2018) was held for the fourth time alongside the first Indonesia Operational Excellence Award 2018 (IOEA 2018) by Economic Review Magazine in collaboration with the Indonesian Lean Management Association, IPMI International Business School, PQI consultant, Indonesia - The Asia Institute and is the highest level of recognition for companies in Indonesia in the GCC sector. The theme of the event was “Leading in Global Competition through Lean Management and Proper GCG”.

Customers can learn more about the company’s disclosure information through BNI Syariah’s pages. BNI Syariah also implements a distinctive employee work culture for all staff as well as an early inquiry system (whistleblowing system) that provides clear channels for handling complaints in relation to corporate governance at all BNI Syariah branches.

"The awards that have been given to BNI Syariah are a reflection of the trust and support that we receive from our customers and motivates us to implement good corporate governance in providing trustworthy services for all stakeholders. This is further evidence of BNI Syariah's transparency commitment as a "dynamic institution in the field of Islamic banking services," said Rima.

The winners of IOEA-2018 and IGCGA-IV-2018 are from private companies, public companies, BUMN, BUMD, BPD, and BPR. “Through this award, Indonesian companies are expected to improve their performance and commitment to GCG and their operations,” says Irlisa Rachmadiana, the Founder and Managing Director of Economic Review.

"The judging process of IOEA-2018 and IGCGA-IV-2018 is carried out objectively and fairly by a jury that is competent in the field of GCG and company operations. Corporate governance creates a pattern of conducive relationships between stakeholders that provides added value for the long term, while respecting other parties, based on applicable laws and norms, "concluded Dewi Hanggraeni, chairman of the jury.

Whistle Blowing System (WBS)

In order to implement good governance, BNI Syariah has a commitment to run the company through its established work culture and processes. The WBS provides the means to submit reports in relation to the full application of the principles of good corporate governance at BNI Syariah. More information is available at the website https://www.bnisyariah.co.id/