Hasanah GPN Debit Card

  • 12/28/2018 6:53:00 PM
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  • What does GPN mean?
    • GPN (National Payment Gateway) or National Payment Gateway is a system consisting of Standardising Institutions, Switching Institutions, and Service Institutions.

      Hasanah Debit GPN
  • What is a GPN ATM / Debit Card?
    • ATM / Debit cards with the GPN logo can be used to carry out transactions at ATMs and EDCs owned by banks in Indonesia that are connected to the GPN.

      Hasanah Debit GPN
  • What are the benefits of a GPN ATM / Debit card?
    • No transaction fees throughout all EDCs
    • Can carry out transactions throughout the BNI ATM network, ATM Link and ATM Bersama networks
  • What is the cost for making / replacing the Hasanah GPN Debit Card?
    • It is free of charge for making / replacing Hasanah GPN Debit until January 31, 2019
  • What is the mapping of the savings that are available for the GPN Hasanah Debit?

    Hasanah Debit GPN
  • How to get / exchange for the GPN Hasanah Debit Card?
    • New Customer
    • By opening a new account for BNI IB Hasanah / BNI Savings i i Hasanah Savings / Hasanah IB Business Savings BNI / BNI Prima IB Hasanah Savings and your branch officer can order a GPN Hasanah Card (BIN card 505446, card type 51: GPN Co-Brand Card Individual).
    • Nasabah Existing
      • For customers who already have a debit card with a magnetic strip, this can be exchanged directly for the GPN debit facility.
      • For customers who have debit card with a chip:
        The Hasanah Debit Mastercard with a chip can be replaced for the Hasanah GPN debit card in the event that the ATM / Debit card is lost / stolen / damaged/ swallowed by the ATM machine.
      • However, should the customer still want the Hasanah GPN Debit Card, then they can open a new savings account to get the GPN Hasanah Debit Card.
      • Additional information:
      • For iB Hasanah BNI Business Savings / BNI Prima iB Hasanah Savings customers who want a GPN Hasanah Debit Card, we recommend opening a new account (BNI iB Hasanah Savings / BNI TabunganKu iB), so that they can get the Hasanah Debit Gold / Emerald Card.
      • If a customer would still like to convert their Hasanah Debit Gold / Zamrud Card to the GPN Hasanah Debit Card, the Branch Officer must inform the customer of the consequences of this conversion, ie the customer will not be able to enjoy free Executive Lounge facilities, because this facility is only available to holders of the Hasanah Debit Gold / Emerald Cards.
  • What are the requirements for exchanging other ATM / Debit cards for the GPN Debit Hasanah Card?
    • Savings Book
    • Hasanah Debit
    • Valid form of identification (KTP / eKTP for Indonesian Citizens and Passports for foreign citizens)
  • What are the differences between the GPN Hasanah Debit Card and the Hasanah Debit Card?
  • Hasanah Debit GPN
  • What are the transaction costs for using GPN Hasanah Debit?
  • Hasanah Debit GPN