Corporate Governance

BNI Syariah’s Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture: Values and beliefs that become the basis for behavior, which is valued as vital for the sustainability of an organization

Values: Principles believed to be correct and true in running a corporate organization

Beliefs: Hypotheses that lay the foundation for a paradigm, believed to be the ideal in running an organization. For further information click here

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) PT Bank BNI Syariah

Bank Indonesia through Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 11/33/PBI/2009 dated 7th December 2009 and Bank Indonesia Circular Number 12/13/DPbs dated 30th April 2010 on the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance for Shariah Commercial Banks and Shariah Business Units mandate the implementation of corporate governance of banks that applies the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, professionalism and fairness.

In order to implement that mandate, BNI Syariah in accordance with the Bank Indonesia Regulation has established GCG Policy Guidelines to protect stakeholders and ensure compliance to applicable laws, as well as to common values and ethics prevalent in the shariah banking industry.

BNI Syariah developed GCG Implementation Guidelines based on the aforementioned five basic principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, professionalism and fairness, wherein all five GCG principles are in harmony with the Islamic principles for corporate governance, which is based on Brotherhood (ukhuwah), Justice (adalah), Benefit (maslahah) and Balance (tawazun).

The GCG Implementation Guidelines are set as the guidelines in forming the BNI Syariah Bank Business Plan and is the basis in performing duties for all organizational units (head office and branch offices) in order to increase the economic value for stockholders as well as stakeholders, by increasing compliance to applicable laws, and common values and ethics in the shariah banking industry, and the BNI Syariah code of ethics itself.

The implementation of GCG in BNI Syariah includes:

  1. The performance of the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners.
  2. The performance of the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.
  3. The performance of the committee in carrying out all of its duties completely.
  4. The implementation and duties of the DPS
  5. The implementation of shariah principles in fund-raising, fund distribution and service activities.
  6. Handling of conflicts of interest
  7. Implementation of the function of compliance
  8. Implementation of the function of internal audits
  9. Implementation of the function of external audits
  10. The maximum limit of fund distribution, and
  11. The transparency of BNI Syariah’s financial and non-financial condition through the GCG report for Semester II (two) which will be held in March 2011, and internal audits.