BNI Syariah Celebrates 7th Anniversary

On 16th June 2017, BNI Syariah celebrated its 7th anniversary at an event held at the Al-Azhar Mosque in Jakarta. Themed ‘7 Magnificent of Hasanah’, the event showcased the bank’s 7 most important achievements since its establishment. Present at the ceremony was President Director of BNI Syariah Mr Abdullah Firman Wibowo, Operational Director of BNI Syariah Mr Junaidi Hisom; Senior Executive Vice President of Risk and Compliance Ms Tribuana Tunggadewi; and BNI Syariah staff from across the Greater Jakarta area.

Established in 2010, BNI Syariah has grown to become one of the leading shariah-compliant financial institutions in Indonesia. As such, the bank highlighted its 7 most prominent achievements throughout its 7 years namely;

  • As of May 2017, the bank’s assets reached 30 trillion IDR; growing fivefold within a period of 7 years;
  • BNI Syariah’s ‘Hasanah Banking’ campaign that is in accordance with sound morals and virtuous intentions;
  • The bank continues to stay ahead of the trend in the era of digitalisation by investing in the latest technology for services such as mobile and internet banking;
  • Providing prayer rooms at every BNI Syariah branch across Indonesia;
  • Obtaining the ‘Sustainable Finance’ award from the Indonesian Financial Services Authority;
  • Awarded the ‘Best of the Best of the Magnificent Seven’ award from Karim Consulting for its innovative shariah-compliant products and services;
  • Awarded the ‘Golden KPR for Shariah Banks’ award for the fifth year running based on positive responses from social media platforms and search engine results.

In celebrating its 7th year anniversary, BNI Syariah demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative and forward-thinking banking services that respond to the needs of Indonesia’s Islamic finance sector. The bank has also been instrumental in generating awareness of Islamic banking products in Indonesia and is thus well-placed to expand its product and services offerings and reach within the country to develop this promising banking sector.

For further information regarding the latest developments at BNI Syariah, please visit its corporate website.